Lo and behold, we approach a forest

In October 29, 1969, the first message was sent on the Internet: “LO”. The system crashed after two letters while trying to send the word LOGIN. This might not be enough to consider it electronic literature, but it’s certainly a starting point for the presence of text in networked computer environments.


To trigger creativity when searching for a name for the blog, I used the limitation of an anagram.

So the journey is initiated, and we pursue to explore the territories of Digital Culture, Networked Narratives and Digital Alchemy. We build an online community, and share the learning experience as we enter the forests of Digital Art, Electronic Literature, and Computer Games. And we marvel as our path continues between the trees, and multimodal fireworks unfold with subgenres branching, overlapping and interweave.


The Memex

It was interesting to read the article “As we may think” by Vannevar Bush, exploring the future of storing and sharing information. The “Memex”, an imaginative machine was able to store images, documents, annotations and books, and even link them together. Although Bush envisioned a mechanical and analog machine, the essence of the article is a very detailed description of what we today know as computers, and the Internet. Hinting to the internet, the foreword of the article states, “This paper by Dr. Bush calls for a new relationship between thinking man and the sum of our knowledge”.


The result of the meme making lab this week.

I enjoyed getting a glimpse into the art history of dadaism, found object art and controlled randomness etc. The playfulness and punk attitude in It resonated with me. I support the idea that the trueness of art can’t be measured by how difficult it is to produce, by the amount of education the artist has, or by the genre and style. Everyone can make art, and it’s not reserved to an elite. Of course there will always be room for artistic growth and development, but that shouldn’t be an obstacle on the road of creativity.

Thinking of it now, the acronym for Daily Digital Alchemy, “dda” reminds me of the dada movement from the art history. Perhaps they are related in other ways too. Anyway, I find it useful and inspiring to be thrown into tweeting, blogging, dda’ing and meme making. To have this creative outlet, and a little push to keep going is a great opportunity to learn new things and develop.

I am happy to be a part of this, and I look forward to a lot more input, inspiration, challenges, community and creativity in the continuation.


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